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my parents; my inspiration

My dad began working in public health in his twenties, studying and tracking in order to fight the HIV/AIDs outbreak in China. He and my mother then immigrated to the U.S. in their mid-thirties and had to jump through so many hurdles to pursue their dreams of a better life for their kids; they left everything they knew and went back to school to re-earn degrees, they gave up their established careers and performed manual labor, were perceived and treated as ‘less than’ when they stumbled in their English or in American customs…

Last year as the pandemic quickly spread around the world, my dad started his own biotech company to conduct research in the fight against COVID-19. He (and my mom, in support of him) have worked tirelessly to spearhead a team and gather the resources to research and better understand why healthy children have largely been spared the worst effects of COVID. They did all this in addition to my dad’s regular 9-5 desk job, and against all odds as a small startup, they found some important implications for protecting adults against COVID through their now peer-reviewed and published research: