Community Guidelines

In an effort to cultivate a space in which people feel safe to share their stories, please read and follow these guidelines:


  • No hate speech:

This website is meant to celebrate the diversity of cultures and backgrounds experienced by our families. We would like to maintain the sanctity of this space and ask that users refrain from using inflammatory language. Users who fail to uphold these rules will be banned.

  • Be civil, kind, and courteous:

We encourage healthy commentary and/or debates, but please remember that people on this website are sharing personal stories. As such, please be respectful of the deep emotional ties our submitters may have to these stories.

  • Maintain privacy and boundaries:

By the nature of this project, our members are sharing deeply personal content and histories. Shocks of recognition are expected and encouraged, but please do not use this site as a platform to track down individuals.

  • We are all learning together:

We may get things wrong from time to time. We hope that this space inspires and motivates you to learn more about your own family. Ask as many questions as you want!

  • Individual agendas/self-promotion are discouraged:

A diversity of experience means that occasionally someone may have a different point of view from you. We would like to treat all historical perspectives equally and maintain the validity of all histories.

  • We are “porous”:

This is primarily an educational site meant to help you situate your family and yourself within Pan-Asian history and activism. We are not an activist site. While we will accept suggestions and references to places that are explicitly activist and happily include them in our resources page, please be aware that our purpose is more adjacent.

  • Check your biases at the front door:

We welcome questions and discussions that lead to deeper historical and ethnographic scholarship! Historical revisionism is a time-honored tradition in historiography, but we draw the line at historical negationism.

Content Moderation

  • Original content:

While we accept all formats of content, we will accept only original content. Cite any sources that are not exclusively your own.

  • Content Tagging/Content Warnings:

We want our website to be a safe and welcoming space for people to share their families’ stories. Please provide a list of all subjects that your piece contains, including sensitive material so that we can tag and categorize accordingly.

  • Irrelevant, low quality, or negative content:

No negative vibes here! Please treat your piece with love and seriousness because it will be on the internet forever.

  • More than one family member:

You must have some extraordinary people in your life! We will not recycle material and we expect that you will not either. “Submitted” does not mean “Approved,” just that we have received your submission and will be looking it over shortly.

What to do if you see someone violating our guidelines:

Please email us at to let us know! We welcome any and all feedback.