We are a past and a future

This project was born out of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020. During that summer, we realized that the first step to being anti-racist is to be educated on our own Asian American history. We began with Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning.

We are a nation of storytellers

Our sense of who we are shines through most in the mythologies and fables of what we tell ourselves and what we tell our children. Here, we solicit and curate those stories, hopefully opening up a new archive of poignant experiences.

We are self-defined and inclusive

Too often, the Asian American story is forced to focus on specific qualities of language, food, and other pre-concieved notions of race. In this space, we break the mold. Our stories are told how we want to tell them, in our own language, in our own flair. Even as our stories are unique, our experiences can be common.

The founding members:

This website was made possible through the hard work of:
Robin Zeng, Adeeba Ahmad, Lisa Wick, Alice Hsu, Chunyang Ding, Soni Khanna, Gloria Li, and Amanda Black.